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OPIO LAMBERT  (25.07.2014)

Thanks to the Muslim community or committee who sat and thoughtfully give us this honored prayers of which....i as a christian has liked it because its very clear and would love to learn it at all times.

Allah Bless you.

Tammy  (03.07.2014)

Jazak Allah Khair, thank you for everything you have done here at this page. Before I had found it, I was unable to pray at all, but I am slowly learning and am able to pray a few times a day now. May Allah bless you

Mickey Mar5tinez  (30.06.2014)

I love this site and I am new to Islam. However I am having difficulty with the audio do not know if it's my PC very, very, slow I have tried several times to restart, but No changes.
Assalamu alaykum

halimah shah  (31.05.2014)

as salamu 3alaikum wa rahmatu_llaahi wa barakatuh
ma shaa Allah what a fantastic side. it makes it so much easier for converts to learn the salat and learn to pronounce it properly. i looked for it for along time. so this made my day today
djazak Allah ghairan

Farooq Ahmad  (11.05.2014)

Jazak Allah Khair for your effort here. This site is Amazing. Alhamdulilah.

Would it be possible to highlight the ayah that the narrator is reciting?

Is it possible for the arabic and the english sections to match exactly, so they are easy to memorize for little kids.

Sherrie  (01.05.2014)

I am married to an Muslim men in we have five kids in I have gain some weight since my last son can any body give me any suggestions on what to do especially when I start praying it's kind of difficult

Muhammet  (26.04.2014)

Please make an application for android. Thanks!

abdul buckus  (18.04.2014)

wow this is the best site .simple and so educational.i have renewed my faith after straying away .i am back ...
thanks a millon

hanaat  (18.03.2014)

how do i save that animation to my computer

zizi  (24.02.2014)

Assalamu alaykum
dear all, please add:
1. rakaah counters / total rakaah's
2. forward/rewind text button
3. (possibly) time of pray for each country

thanks lot

deborah canty  (22.02.2014)

Great information! IN SHA ALLAH!

Patrick O'Brien  (16.02.2014)

Perfect !!! Thank you, thank you ...

Zizi  (29.01.2014)

mashallah, pls add forward button and rewind button, and add pls total number of rakaah, thnx

Sandra  (24.01.2014)

Thanks your site is most helpful. I want to learn to pray and need to build my confidence.

Kharym  (19.01.2014)

Thank you for making this website, learning to what to say when praying and learning the meaning also has been allot of help, mashallah

Nadrah  (18.01.2014)

This is so good for beginners! All praises due to Allah!
This is the best resource on the web, insha'allah to help others new to salah!
Thank you, may Allah give you rewards in this life and the hereafter.

Stephen  (08.01.2014)

Think it would be better if it offered you more control over the animation, me personally I would rather the text appear. Then I can click to listen, but once the audio file is done it stays on the part you are on so I can recite over and over to get it in my head

Said Mo  (11.12.2013)

I have ? My work told me I can't wash before salat or otherwise u we have to use gloves

kedir  (28.11.2013)

Am looking more informition abuot sealat am new

gibran  (10.11.2013)

salam excellent , guide to learn the prayer thanks for this aps , im a new muslin is helping learn the salat prayer

omar  (10.11.2013)

wow! mashallah thank you so so so much i learnt alot from this fantastic website :p

Hassan  (10.11.2013)

WOW! this is a AMAZING website thank you so much i learnt alot! tasharkur :)

Muhammet  (24.10.2013)

Pleas! aplication for android

Ghazi  (17.10.2013)

What about the sunna prayer, can you provide those?

Assalam Alejkum

zaituni  (26.09.2013)

God bless u!u hav hlp m alot

Ghazi  (21.09.2013)

i am using the albanian version, and it is awesome and simple. May Allah reward you and your families for your work.

Helen  (12.09.2013)

May Allah bless you for such a wonderful, concise, and stress-free resource.

Bengali  (22.08.2013)

Could you please put in a rewind and fast forward button?

Also, how to pray the following as well:

1) Sunnah
2) Witr
3) Tahajjud
4) Istikhaarah
5) Qadha

Thank you!

abdul rahaman  (14.08.2013)

thanks so much for this animation, im new in islam and this is a big help for a new muslim. one thing i ask can i use this during prayer at home as my guide? please give me a reply cos i really want to learn the praying in arabic languages.

thank you,
abdul rahaman

Khulthum Russell  (05.08.2013)

Please try to get your page to support MAC. Jazakillah khair!!

kadar  (30.07.2013)

how do i include this app on my fb page?

salim s. sabawa  (18.07.2013)

very nice,,,,this is a very good idea to all Muslims in the world,especally for those balik islam and other interested people to know HOW TO PRAY'"in islam.

Paulo Fernando( Brasil-SP-Guarulhos )  (17.07.2013)

Que Allah continue abençoando esse site maravilhoso.Me ajudou muito na oração (salat).
Obrigado irmãos.

Bagdat  (11.07.2013)

download a telephone version of the program for teaching?

Abigail  (11.07.2013)

I converted a year ago and found this site close to ramadan 2012. this year around I am so greatly to already have these resources as it take alot of the anxiety out of no knowing exactly what to do. Keep up the good work.

Makeba  (08.07.2013)

InShaAllah, Blessings and thank you! I am new to Islam. Thank You Many Blessings to you for sharing so much and having us all in your hearts and mind.


Guta  (19.06.2013)

I loved this site. its helping me a lot. I couldnt open the Fatiha in mp3, so i was wondering if you could send it to my email? (
this site for newly converters is the best. love it.
ma salama

AHAMED  (11.06.2013)

assalamu allaikum... i try to translate TAMIL language,
so which font i will use?

Vivienne  (26.05.2013)

Salam aleikom, This is the easiest guide to praying I have come across on line. It has clarified praying for me and made it so easy to understand what is to be said at each different prayer, and the pronounciation is so clear!! May Allah (pbuh) bless you...Shukran PS> It would be most helpful to have a way to have the full text for each different prayer available to print individually. :)

Namshi Nasur  (23.05.2013)

Beautiful and so helpful mashaallah

Anissa  (07.05.2013)

Thank you so much for this website it helped me understand prayer so much better

Jayde (Jamila)  (26.04.2013)

thankyou so so so much this has been very very helpful

adrielle  (23.04.2013)

love allah

thank you allah



in shaa allah

alhamdolilah i love salat

Isha Jabir  (21.04.2013)

Very Nice. May god bless u too...

Cigdem Kaya  (15.04.2013)

Hello, I am really thankfull for this.
But I have a request. Could you also install one for WOMEN! I have a few female friends who liked to learn how to pray and the male version differs from the female version.
Thank you

Michael  (26.03.2013)

WOW, mashallah!!!! That was PERFECT!!! Thank Allah to have given you guys the wisdom to make something like this, so educational. I was so worried about how to teach my kids how to pray. Thank Allah for guiding me towards your site, Mashallah you guys have done a PERFECT job!!! I could not even think of anything perfect than this!! Not only showing EACH prayer, the Arabic, and the most important of all the MEANING of it!!! I know so many Muslim that memorize the prenounceation of the prayer and just "say" it but do not know what they are saying, just repeating!!! Mashallah you will be rewarded abundance for this BEYOND GREAT deed you have done making this, may Allah bless you here and in the after life!!!!!

Muslima  (24.03.2013)

This page is sooooo great. May Allah was ta Allah give you your rewards for it. Because this actually helped me really lot.

martina  (22.03.2013)

thank u for help me to pray and understandind islam and corano <3

Patrick  (04.03.2013)

Salaam! Thank you so much for this site. I still use this to pray.Is there a way to have each prayer in full text individually? I would like to print each prayer out to hang on my wall where I pray so my family can pray along. Thank you again.

Johan Abdullah  (18.02.2013)

Salam excellent page this is so very helpful.

Admin  (17.02.2013)

Thanks brother for the TORRENT links.
I have updated this site and you can find the links to the prayers at this link:

As salamu alaykum  (16.02.2013)

As salamu alaykum

Link below has all 5 prayers recorded from this site in MP3..

Sync with ITunes or just put them on your Android phone or MP3 player..

Regina  (10.02.2013)

thanks very much for this helpful page - I am living in a country region in germany, a small village, and there is no one around to teach or help me how to do. because of that, I was really happy finding this site! I am no muslim yet, but hope to become one soon.

Shkelzen  (04.01.2013)

Thank you so much is very good page
Allah Akbar

Ahmad Tarmizi  (23.12.2012)

Salam. It is nice what you have done. I appreciate if you have something like this which I can make use on my iPad and iPhone. Wasalam.

Agustin Aku Cinta  (15.12.2012)

SUbhanaLLah...Allah With Us.....

egzona  (03.12.2012)


egzona  (03.12.2012)

i like this page

Sulaimon  (19.11.2012)

I will appereciate if this kind of stuff can work on a Blackberry Wallahi it will go a long way continue to do the good work

Sulaimon  (19.11.2012)

I am very grateful for this kind of work its making my da'wah work much much easier.
May Allah out of His infinite mercy continue to bless you all.

abdirizach shukri  (17.11.2012)

masha allah masha allah

shahjadkarim  (15.11.2012)

before 2 year i m confused in one matter,that matter is clear tody.....
this website is very useful for us,...
thank u too much,

Al Amin  (09.11.2012)

As Salaamu Aliakum. This is absolutely great website.
Jazakallah Khairan.

Lynn Larhrissi  (08.11.2012)

As Salaamu Aliakum! I can't not express my gratitude enough, Shukran! May Allah continue to bless you, granting insight. I am a newly converted Muslim from Christianity. Prayer is extreamely important to me and it's been an absolute blessing to have come across the prayers and instructions you have made available. It has given me much ability to fufill my duties...inshallah may Allah continue to bless you!!!..thank you again :)

Soraya  (04.11.2012)


Taqua  (22.10.2012)

As Salaamu Alaikum Shukran this is very helpful. I am a newly convert muslimah I dont know how to pray or know exactly what to say. But I still wanted to be able to make salat then I came across this and it is wonderful. I play when I pray until I learn the prayer.

Abdul Halim  (11.10.2012)

Hellow.Dear Honorable.
Asalamualaikum How are yours.Hope all are wel.
Iam fine al Hamdulillah. please can you help for -
the pray vedio cassed. I want very need. excuse me. thank you all of you.

melissa  (10.10.2012)

I am trying to teach my mother how to pray, and your video's are great mashallah! is there any way i would be able to buy or get this on dvd?

Rashad  (18.09.2012)

As salaam aleikum,Brothers and Sister , I'm an American muslim and still learning to say my prayers.this site is wonderful,Alhamdulillah,i most say as a non Arabic's a little fast and there is no rewind button,so that a person like myself may choose a certain area to replay.there is just a stop and pause.overall i think you have a good site to learn the prayers.WA aleikum salaam

Gulben  (28.08.2012)

i want to stady how to salah

salman  (24.08.2012)

jazakallah khairan

Ben Quinn  (22.08.2012)

Many thanks for this Surah lesson but Dear Sir why is the narration so fast?
It is very hard to pray when the lessons goes so quickly.
Can the lesson be slowed down a little?
Thank you.

Imamu malik haruna m  (19.08.2012)

as salamu alaykum warahmatullah wa barkatoh To u brother/sisters in islam may the bounty of Allah fall upon u

kuraxj  (19.08.2012)

man bax wah namaz okuxni uguniman

AHMED  (17.08.2012)

There is no translation in french,why

hasina  (15.08.2012)


cheryl rodriguez  (10.08.2012)

Love it! This was reallt helpul! :)

abdulkarim  (01.08.2012)

May Allah Bless you Abudantly for the good job you are doing in His name. thank you

Hussen  (21.07.2012)

Jazak Allah khair for the knowledge of the prayer, May Allah reward you for that, I am having one problem with the prayer... When i am praying and follow the man like the posture and words ...the man doesnt say "Qul huwa Allahu ahad" verse then he say Allahu Akbar posture..most time he does say it but mostly 30% percent of the time he doesn't say anything ...Please fix this because I am also a learner and it ramadan time and i really need help so please fix it as soon as possible, Assalamu Alaikum

Hussen  (20.07.2012)

it help me alot to pray and thank you very much for that . May Allah reward you for that. Some part when i pray, the man is not saying anything in Al-Kawthar . Please fix this as soon as possible. Thanks

persio Akil  (14.07.2012)

Alhamidu Lillah

Sem muitos conhecimento da lingua arabe, salanatravés deste site em 06 meses consegui memorizar as orações. Hoje faso as orações tranquilamente em arabe.

Persio Akil  (14.07.2012)

Gostaria que a a transliteração fosse feita em Portugues, pois pertenso a um Centro Islamico brasileiro e os irmão na sua maioria só falão portugues.

Assalamu Aleikum

Someone  (11.07.2012)

Hello. I am young and feel ashamed that I don't know how to pray, I am trying to learn how to pray quickly, but I feel so embarassed to try that I don't. What should I do? Please help.

Admin  (08.07.2012)

Here is the text and the translation:

Run the MP3 in the background...
I hope you are good with multitasking apps
This is the best we can do for now.

Serge  (08.07.2012)

Thank you, but I need to have the text at the same time!
where can I find that?

Admin  (08.07.2012)


Serge, we are not planning to upgrade this animation in the near future. In the mean time you can download the MP3 file which you can play, pause and reverse.

Website Admin

Serge  (08.07.2012)

Am new converted and learning how to pray.

You have done a great job, but I do regret that we cannot repeat several times the same part of the prayer, in order to memorize the saying!

Could you display the time-line of the prayer and allow to stop and repeat the same part.

Thank you

Ark  (01.07.2012)

thank you very much i am starting to learn how to pray and this helped me a lot thank you

Muhammad A Pali  (16.06.2012)

prayer is the rigth key to open the day and close the nigth@

Ahmad Ibrahim  (16.06.2012)

may Allah help us .

Ahmad Ibrahim  (16.06.2012)

jazakallah khairan

Asalamualaikum  (13.06.2012)


For IPAD users there are browser in appstore that can handle flash, these browser are not for free..

search for flash browser in appstore ore try this browser, Iswifter flash web browser (not for free only trial)

fatoma  (03.06.2012)


Admin  (16.05.2012)

I'm sorry Adla, currently we have no plans in developing the animation for iPad. There is however an YouTube version someone uploaded. You can send this link to people with iPads:

Adla  (16.05.2012)

Asalamualaikum.. I am very grateful for such a wonderful & beneficial site.. Unfortunately we Apple users are unable to view flash, thus would really appreciate if you could also post an Apple (Ipad) friendly format..
I shared the site with my beloved ones nonetheless...

Admin  (23.04.2012)

To sister Habibah: Yes, you do NOT have to recite additional surah after fatiha in the 3, 4 rakah.

Habibah  (23.04.2012)

So, we do not have to recite the additional sura after the Sura al Fatiha like we do in the first two rakah's? Because I observed that in the third and fourth rakah there was no additional sura recited after the sura al Fatiha!

Mohammad Aminul Islam  (08.04.2012)

Alhamdulillah, very nice. any one can easily learn the way how to say our prayer by watching and listening the files you putted here. My Allah bleach you.

Sara Weil  (24.02.2012)

I recently converted, two weeks ago, and have been having such struggles with prayer. I found this page a few days ago and have been able to pick up so much so quickly. I sent the link to a good friend of mine, who was born muslim and confirmed everything on here was correct. I really value the mp3 format that I can put on my ipod and listen to when I am on the bus,etc to help me memorize the words since I don't speak a word of arabic. I love that the translation to english is also include in the documents.

persio souza akil  (05.02.2012)

Assalamum aleikum, sou descendente libanes musulmanos, mas me converti ao islamismo a dois anos, com este site islamico,tornou-se muito mais facil o meu aprendizado das oracoes uma vez que nao domino a lingua arabe muito bem.
Alhamdu li llah

Zariah osen  (02.02.2012)

thankyou very much , its so useful to me learning from begining....Allahuakbar...bless you!

Admin  (24.01.2012)

s.a. Amanda

I'd suggest an easy way to memorize the prayers:

First download the prayer MP3 file:

Then you can download some effective MP3 player like the Media Player Classic to browse easily through the MP3 file:

You can skip forward / backward within the MP3 file by pressing CTRL + Right Arrow or CTRL + Left Arrow


Amanda  (23.01.2012)

Assalamu Alaikum. Great help for learning prayer. It's taking me a while to learn but I'm getting there. Thank you for the website!!!! It would be nice to have an option to be able to click on each line, to have just that particular line repeated. I'm stuck on the same line, but have to keep listening to the whole part to hear the line I'm stuck on. Not that that's a bad thing, it's just making it take me longer to memorize. Just a suggestion :) Again, thanks.

Sir Vin  (09.01.2012)

As-salaam alaikum. I love this website, it makes praying so much easier for me. I was successful in doing my Ramandan fasting and prayers. It also helps me with learning how to say my prayers in Arabic. Thank you all and may Allah continue to bless us all to be successful in your prayers. Inshallah, soon everyone will have to submit to be a Muslim if they want True Peace that only Allah can give. Allah Bless and keep up the Great Work of God to help Resurrect all lost humanity. Peace.

Nadir  (31.12.2011)

this is a great help. thank you - you should look at iPhone friendly apps or MP3 versions of each salat so people can listen and perform salat from their mobile devices. Also the recitals after the salat can add value.

Brenda  (30.12.2011)

Very helpful. Is there a version for females?
Thank you.

Waris  (05.12.2011)

I found this is very helpful, so thank you very much, but can we download Flash version V3.0 of "How do I pray", moreover, sometimes after press "Pause", "Play" button doesn't work in Flash, can you check and correct it?

Best regards



S.a. Waris,

I'm very glad this helped you.
Here is the desktop version 3:

(I've updated the site too)

ayman  (25.11.2011)

This is a great piece of work, Rabena yag3loho fee mezaan hasantko. It will help me teach one of my friends how to pray. It would be great if you can make a similar flash for Wudu2.

clare  (24.11.2011)

salam to all....thank u so much as a new muslim this is the best site i have easy to follow may Allah reward your hard work...thanx again.x.

nadia  (23.10.2011)

i love this site thank u its so useful to me and my kids, i wish the man praying is darker because it is hard to see when he stands and then kneels from my laptop his face and upper body blend into the background!

laura  (14.10.2011)

Salam!thanks for making this website,it's very useful..

lawal  (30.09.2011)


Thameem  (13.09.2011)

mashallla mashallll

mydeen  (10.09.2011)

masha alla

Hassan  (01.09.2011)

Salam,I am a China's muslims, hui,and I am a uinersety student . Your work is pretty good,and I hope to have this software of chinese,thus, allows more Muslim compatriots learning, Allah bless!!!!!
Ameen !!!

irshad  (24.08.2011)

ths is grt work. Pls add the ful version of Tharaweeh wth the duas among its wld very usfl for women.

emine  (14.08.2011)

thank you very much for this informations . ASSALAMU ALEJKUM

farrah  (05.08.2011)

if you dont know how to pray can you have this up on the laptop let it read out while you pray ?
Admin: Yes, but in the meantime you should try to remember the dua's

farrah  (05.08.2011)

i thank you so much as i am muslim but never went mosque so i missed out on learning the quran and how to pray. ALLAH blesses you

Ansar  (03.08.2011)

This is an good way for beginners to learn..

Ahmed B. Abdulla  (01.08.2011)

Can you have a english voice over option, as well?

amr  (31.07.2011)

WE definetly need more languages dear friends, I have a recent muslim from romania dont know what to telll her about doing the prayers. her english is very week. PLEASE ESTABLISH AS MUCH LANGUAGES AS YOU CAN OR LIGHTIN ME IF THERES A LINK FOR OTHER LANGUAGES. THNKS RAMADAN KAREEM

Admin: We're working on this. Thanks for your comment!

Halima  (05.06.2011)

Jazakallahum hairam. I find your site very useful. It would be great if the text could also be shown in arabic.

Admin: This site is for begginers only.

khushal khan  (23.05.2011)

pryer recitation for those who want to correct the erors in there pryers and for the new learners

zjjAiSsddtESSMdDWRo  (09.05.2011)

Now that’s subtle! Great to hear from you.

Sister Fara  (09.03.2011)

Assalamu alaikum.

I just thought it would be useful to make a facebook page for How Do I Pray or include a way we can attach this to our pages. This will inshAllah increase awareness and it's a good medium for us to encourage others to pray.

farzana  (19.02.2011)

assalamu alaikkum,
this is very important

kasim  (31.01.2011)

assalamu alaikkum

web site is very very helpful for evry muslim brother, who ever did this site. allah'll bless him/them insha allah.

Fathima Rahana  (21.12.2010)

Assalamu Alaikkum,
jazakallahum hairam for uploading this videos

Pradeep Naik  (08.12.2010)

all information could be downloadable to anynew reader

halima mohammed  (19.10.2010)

so far, its a step in the right direction,
Baraka-llahou fikoum wa jazakouk Aljanna

Aslam Rana  (18.10.2010)

Masha-Allah the most useful website. The only suggestion I could make is to check for saying "Allahu-Akbar" before standing up for continuation. The next is to check for Dua' between the two Sajoods. May Allah reward you all who worked to put this together. Ameen

Edon  (08.10.2010)

where Can I get the email of this page to contact it personally please tell me someone

Saida  (09.09.2010)

Is it for women too?
Site Administrator: Yes, we have consulted with the 'alims and they have aproved that this is the prayer for men and women.

ibrahim  (07.09.2010)

thank you.

donmoh  (02.09.2010)

i ahve never seen a religion that is so perfectly designed to bring man closer to Allah like Islam. may Allah in his infinite mercy be praised.

faisal mohammed  (01.09.2010)

salamz ..
thanks for u kind heart information abt prayer ...almight allah bless u ..  (01.09.2010)

God bless you all, thank you for creating this website ..........from Kosovo

abdul  (27.08.2010)

Thanks for this great site. May god rewards you.
My question is about the salat.
In my country we pray 7 rakats instead of 4 for the ishaa. Also during the ramandan we pray ishaa with 17 rakaats. So can you clarify for me please!
Site Administrator: Ishaa has 4 rakats obligatory prayer. This site is for beginers, so we have only described the obligatory prayers.

Juwaria  (23.08.2010)

This website is a great site to learn how to pray...i had no idea how to pray...but, after listening to it and seeing it i feel proud that i learned how to, i would really recommend this website for beginners... Thank you very much...Jazakallah....
--remember me in ur prayers--

SK MAKSUD  (19.08.2010)

it is very nice to learn for us to pray accurate Namaz...............

Thanks for this

Abdul Rashid  (18.08.2010)

is it possible to have PAUSE action in order to learn a little at a time, also list how many raqa`ah for each payer and list each individually.

Sherrie  (11.08.2010)

I've been searching for something like this, simplistic and thorough to learn how to pray.

Thank you for sharing this.
I will be sure to pass this on to others.

Avi Richardson  (10.08.2010)

Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!....

Mira  (05.08.2010)

May Allah reward you, very, very beautiful ....  (28.07.2010)

salam alikum how are you brother , i am abdel hamid from cims society we work in dawa alhamdulilah , we are send free islamic books to all the world for free , and we now have a new branch on brazil , we need to cooperate to do this site by portoges in sha alah, we can pay in sha alah for this jop ma sha alah.

Andri  (09.07.2010)

Absolutely owesome. Thank u for my friend,susan,who gave me this web addres. May Allah bless all of us.

Abdullah Bello (Nigeria)  (08.07.2010)

This is very good source for all Muslims and those just coming into Islam. To those who did this work I say Jazakhallah Khaira. ISLAM FOR EVER

Ashley  (20.06.2010)

Thank so very much! I am a new muslim and i didn't know how to pray and now this will help me! Peace and Blessings upon to you. Oh, is this sunni? And I want to learn each part perfectly but the animation doesn't let you pause or repeat that part, can you suggest a site in which teaches me each part with going through the whole thing thanks :)
Site Administrator: Yes this is the sunni version, although I don't know about the shia version, but I doubt it differs.

Ayaz  (17.06.2010)

great job mashallah

sister rebecca charlton  (14.06.2010)

This site has helped me learn the arabic version of the prayers. My printer is broken. I thought perhaps you could mail a print version of all the prayers. I want the arabic with english translation so I can practice pronouncing the words and understand what I am saying. I have a sister who is helping me. But often when I ask how to say the words,she can not undersand the word I am saying. My address is 1216 Hutchins Ave, Ann Arbor, mi, 48103
Site Administrator: We have updated the web site, please click this link: Arabic prayer with English Translations

Aisha  (17.03.2010)

JazakaAllah Khair
this helps me sooo much
thank u soo much

Luan Pana  (22.02.2010)


Farzana  (12.01.2010)

Assalamu Alaikom warahmatulahi wabarakatu..

For this website thank you so much I am a beginner and it has help me a lot...

Thank You...

nabeeha  (20.12.2009)

this is very good, especially for young children!

kabul  (02.12.2009)

mashallla mashallll

Charise  (07.11.2009)

A slowed-down version?

Zeynab  (03.11.2009)

I am a revert and with all the sources and websites on how to pray, none has come to be as practical and helpful as this website has been.

I was able to memorize prayer in both English and Arabic and for several months used this.

Jazakallah khairan for inventing this!

Mrs  (06.09.2009)


SAID Salima  (05.09.2009)

Salam anlaikum warahmatu Allah!!

This is a great and a very thoughtfull idea!! I meet a lot of muslims who asked me how to pray. that showed me that there is a lot of muslims who dont know the basics teachings of their Deen.
among those people, 95 % of them are women. the women prayer is a bit different from men prayer so it could be helpfull for us women to have some annotation concerning how to do Salah in our case.
Jazaka Allah khairi for what u re doing to spread our beautiful deen.


Khalid  (28.08.2009)

Hello, first of all may Allah give you rewards for this wonderful software. My name is Khalid and I'm a web developer, I would like to have the source code of the software (.fla) to translate it to Spanish, I'm planning to expand it here in Mexico for our brothers that cannot understand English. I'm looking forward for any cooperation and may Allah bless you all. Please email me asap.

Eman M.Youssef  (26.08.2009)

It is the best spiritual sport that I have ever seen in any other religion. It's movements with repeating some of what Moslim recite of Holy Qur'an ,and at the end Muslim should ask what he wants to help him in his daylife or in the etranal life.It is the contact between human and His Creator (Allah).Think really of Islam.It is The best way to pass safely in your live.

elalia anjay  (21.08.2009)

tes berre goe gedaan tes te hopen dak er meer van leer dankjewel

khalifa  (20.08.2009)

Baraka-llahou fikoum wa jazakouk Aljanna.

ShmiAhavah  (15.08.2009)

Assallam O Alleikum :)

Isn't the Salah different for women? I mean there are certain differences in the way women pray. Could you please put one vdo like this for women too? PLEASE :)

i  (11.08.2009)

Great site, was wondering if its possable for the words to be copied and pasted..?

maryam  (11.08.2009)

Great website,mashallah very helpful. Is it possable that we would be able to copy&paste the currently we cant do that?

Yasser  (28.07.2009)

This is great mashallah. I downloaded it for my pc. I need a mac version.
God bless,

rahima  (12.07.2009)

its the best website where you can learn how to pray i've been looking for something like this for ages thank you to the person who made it and it is very good fantastic and clever

Firnas  (05.07.2009)

Good work. Very good.
May Allah reward you.

OTABEK  (01.06.2009)


dolkun731  (17.05.2009)

assalammu alaykum ! rahmat !
thank you !

saddam  (12.05.2009)

really thank u so much

it's really helping everyone and please can u add a scroll bar for playing if someone want to learn some of the part in namaz that will help

thank u so much for u r video...

allha bless you..

Fathimath  (11.05.2009)

Thank you so much for the effort. This will surely help my friend who is seeking something like this. May Allah bless you.

John  (30.04.2009)


Excellent source. Jazak Allahu Khairyun. I would simply suggest that when the verses are being recited in Arabic, they should be highlighted and the reciter should say "Ameen." It would be nice to have a function that would allow the user to skip to the next position or raka or to go back to the previous position. It is also the case when you pause the flash, I was unable to replay it from where I paused it. I don't believe I say the flash character lift his forefinger when reciting "I bear witness there is no god except Allah."

John  (30.04.2009)


Excellent source. Jazak Allahu Khairyun. I would simply suggest that when the verses are being recited in Arabic, they should be highlighted and the

skender  (28.04.2009)

the best site that i see is this one ,learn praying.

max  (19.03.2009)

thank you,it's very good to me.

zeyad  (13.03.2009)

greate work

Leticia  (11.03.2009)

As an American, I am grateful for this site!

Gulbahar  (06.03.2009)

I like

leticia  (04.03.2009)

Thank you! This is wonderful. I have a couple of suggestions. I am American and the arabic is spoken fastly if one can adjust the speed would be nice. Also, I would like to be able to practice some sections more than others and repeat it but I have to start over again.
Salams and thank you may Allah bless you for creating this site. Inshallah this will help me speed up the learning process.

abdull karim  (26.02.2009)

mashallah this is very helpfull to me and i m sure others as well may allah bless you all who put in time to make this site

Alwasti0991  (26.02.2009)

Man br Musulman.
I am a Muslim.

badreia  (22.02.2009)

SALAM alakomw .This is a wonderful website.I am just learning prayer. May Allah beees you for this.

Kulsoem  (17.02.2009)

This is truely wonderful... Shukran

carmen avila  (18.07.2008)

very well for to begining to pray

Abid  (14.07.2008)

Salaams - Jazak'Allah for this.....may Allah reward you for your efforts.

I have searched everywhere for a resource that is simple......and easyt o understand for non / new muslims - you tube, all the islamic sites...nobody has come up with something so simple and clear.....masha'Allah

I will certainly be trying to increase the hit rate from 80,000 thats for sure insha'Allah :)

Khusan  (20.06.2008)

Allahu Akbar !!!

selver  (05.06.2008)


zamir azram  (21.02.2008)

i was born a muslim and never practised and felt ashamed or many years...i see myself as a revert now...i for long time have been searching for a site with clear explanation how to pray salah...perfect in very word...i will make dua for you as u have made simple for ppl like me to learn...

Amna Nouman  (16.02.2008)

This is a great resource for a beginner. I didn't know for so long such a website existed and have been struggling with learning the proper ways of praying. I also like how the spelling of the words in arabic are easier to read aloud unlike most spellings I have seen, for an english speaker it is so sufficient!

saara  (12.01.2008)

salam, this site has been a great help to me and others i know.

Kianat  (15.12.2007)

THis is exactly what i was looking for, thankx-how do u pause it?

armaan  (10.12.2007)

hi good

zainab  (24.11.2007)

thank you may Allah bless you ishallah

a eddie jamell  (04.10.2007)

May the blessings of Allah be upon you for this wonderful, clear, concise, easy to follow and understand web site. thank you.

farrokh  (13.09.2007)

Dear friend:

I could not open the sites. I am looking for "namaz" in English and arabic.

Thank you for your help!



sami rahmani  (02.09.2007)

i just waned to say i live in usa but i dont know how to pray i waned to learn and pray but i dont now how too. plase if you could send me the pray pages so i can learn. thank you.

anu  (05.07.2007)

i'm very impressed by this site!

Falastin  (28.06.2007)

Good site ! Machallah !

layal  (15.06.2007)

wow i just want to say thank you so much for this wonderful website. This website has been extremely helpful to me in my prayers. I didnt really know how to pray. I just said the faith on every ruka. Inshallah know allah SWT can actully count my prayers. thank you and i hope every one will get to see this website and know how wonderful it is!!!!

Mirzet  (14.04.2007)

Mashallah, exelent site for bigginers.

Fatima  (02.03.2007)

Alhamdulillah may Allah grant you rewards for the wonderful effort. I mean MashaAllah that's great work. I really appreciate you guys and thank you much.

dorart  (07.02.2007)


unclejamal  (13.11.2006)

Good Job guys .
May All-llah reward you for the hard work.